11 Stunning Small Tattoo Designs For The Classy Woman

11 Stunning Small Tattoo Designs For The Classy Woman11 Stunning Small Tattoo Designs For The Classy Woman

These tattoos may look small but each of them carry a deep and meaningful message.

Whether you want to commemorate a phase in your life or flaunt a design for aesthetic reasons, tattoos are a great way of expressing yourself. They can also be a strong style and personality statement. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, but don't want to go big and bold, we've curated a list of the best small tattoo ideas for women.

11 Best Small Tattoo Ideas That Delicately Embody Class And Style

This selection consists of small, delicate designs that are subtle and unique. But, for what they lack in the size department, they make up in their very significant meanings.

1. Camera tattoo

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Is photography your passion? Or are you someone who likes viewing things differently? Either way, this one is for you. Its simple design is really cute, artsy and unique.

By showing the world this tiny camera, you are subtly telling them you are not a regular girl-next-door. Instead, you look at the world differently, capturing its nuances, like a person does through the lens of a camera.

2. Semicolon tattoo

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You may think this tattoo is meaningless or comes from a dark place. But the reality is just the opposite. 

Just as a semicolon is used as a pause in sentences, a semicolon tattoo carries the same meaning. It represents a small life-pause, followed by the continuation of one's life story.

Gaining much popularity over the years, the semicolon tattoo is today worn by those who went through low points in their life including suffering from physical and mental disorders. They wear this tattoo as a reminder of how they conquered their challenges and came out stronger than ever, and optimistic about life.   

3. Lotus flower tattoo

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The beautiful lotus flower is traditionally used as a symbol for fertility, purity, beauty, childbirth, religious and spiritual ceremonies, as well as death.

It is considered a "life-giving plant" because of its wide range of uses and meanings, and remains a popular choice as one of the best small tattoo ideas for women. We think a little, delicate lotus tattoo is ever so pretty on the nape of the neck!

4. Cup of java tattoo

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Coffee lovers (yes, you!) rejoice! This tiny tat represents your beloved pick-me-up drink in the best possible way! 

The simplicity of the design is what adds to its appeal. For all you caffeine junkies: this sweet tattoo is a match made in heaven. 

5. Seashell tattoo

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In the real world, shells serve as a protective covering for sea creatures. Similarly, the seashell tattoo also signifies one who protects love. It is also seen as a symbol of the protectors of life, according to Tattoo Art.

If you see yourself as a protector of life and love, then this unique little tattoo is perfect for you, and so meaningful too. 

6. Believe bird tattoo

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This stylish black design is perfect for dreamers. Oh, the freedom to believe everything will be okay despite the challenges you're facing!

Simple, monochromatic and chic, the design represents a powerful meaning and wish --- may the wings of the birds carry you through the most difficult times.

7. Waves tattoo

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Known as one of the strongest, most powerful natural forces on earth, the wave is a symbol of strength and determination.

People who choose wave tattoos strongly believe in making the best of things. When things get tough, they believe they will ride the high tide but on smooth waves.

If your life is always full of challenges, yet you are optimistic and strong by nature, this wave tattoo will see you through both good and bad times. 

8. Moon tattoo

Are you whimsical and a unicorn girl at heart? Do you have an endless fascination with all things celestial? Then this might be the perfect tattoo for you.

While moon tattoos have their own symbolic meaning, this can change when paired with other symbols in a tattoo.

If you decide that the moon design is the most suitable out of the list of best small tattoo ideas for women listed here, be sure to research its meaning thoroughly, before you get inked. 

9. Coordinate tattoo

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This one is by far one of our favourites among the selection of the best tattoos for women we present. Coordinate tattoos are extremely meaningful and can represent a number of different things.

A coordinate tattoo could signify a person's birthplace, where they live and love now, or even places they've travelled to in life so far. 

The most famous coordinate tattoos can be seen on Angelina Jolie. She got the birthplace coordinates of each of her children inked on herself, and so she carries those memories wherever she goes. A tattoo can't get any more meaningful than that!

10. Heart on the wrist tattoo

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Don't worry, that's not what it means!

A little heart-on-the-wrist tattoo simply means loving everything that life has to offer. If you're bubbly and infatuated with life then this might be ideal for you from this list of best small tattoo ideas for women. 

11. Question mark tattoo

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The question mark tattoo is usually associated with the wearer's questions about their personal life and belief systems, including sexuality and religion. If this screams you, this small yet significant tattoo is perhaps the best choice for you. 

While a tattoo can have any meaning, the reason for getting inked and what it signifies is personal to its owner and that's what makes each of them special. To some, it could just be a pretty design. But for others, it could be an emotional tie to an important event in their lives --- past or present. 

Either way, if you would like to go with any one of these best small tattoo ideas for women, we recommend you take your time before you make your decision. Identify the reason behind getting inked and what it signifies. Because in the end, it is going to be a part of you for life.

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