Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: A Dad's Role During and After Pregnancy

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: A Dad's Role During and After PregnancyPregnancy Top Tips 2022: A Dad's Role During and After Pregnancy


With a pregnancy, a lot of the attention can be focused on the expectant mother and her baby. But a dad's role during pregnancy is as important. Here are the many ways a father can give the best support.

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Dad's Role During Pregnancy

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: A Dads Role During and After Pregnancy

While the pregnant mom takes care of nurturing the baby, the soon-to-be dad can nurture his partner! Visit the doctor together for pre-natal appointments, attend pre-natal classes to prepare for the baby together, do “daddy tasks” like building the nursery, and make decisions together and prepare financially for the future.

Be sure to pamper her by making sure she’s eating healthy, she’s comfortable, and take over chores that might be more difficult for a pregnant woman to do. You can also make some lifestyle changes and show solidarity by giving up alcohol or cutting down on coffee!

To manage preparations together, one way to create your ritual is to use a pregnancy app to go through the milestones together. This can make you feel more involved and understanding of the pregnancy process.  

Don’t forget to celebrate the milestones. Baby showers don’t have to be a solo affair for moms and a couple’s shower can bring all the family and friends together. You can also have a “dad-chelor” party!

One thing not to forget during pregnancy is to keep time for both of you before the new baby arrives. A great way to do this is by taking a “babymoon” to get away from the stress of preparations.

Try to avoid the first trimester, when your partner may be suffering from morning sickness and fatigue, and find a location that won’t be too long or too far for your partner. Make sure you choose a place with cuisine that will be healthy for a pregnancy as well!

During Labor

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: A Dads Role During and After Pregnancy

Your pregnant partner will have the biggest job, but you can have a great supporting role for her too. Aside from cheering her on and being there to physically support her and run errands, you can also check with the doctor if you can “catch” the baby and cut the umbilical cord.

A few “don’ts” to remember during labor: don’t work while your partner is labouring, don’t focus your attention on anything else (like friends), and don’t take inappropriate photos.

Lastly, don’t get offended when your partner makes sarcastic comments - just remember how difficult is to be in labor and how all the hardships will disappear with the love at first sight with your baby.


Take your parental leave so you can have an active role in your baby’s first days. This includes late nights, feeding, diaper changes, and other things that can help your partner take some rest and feel like she has active support from you.

This is also the time to let your family and friends know about the baby, and they will want an update about the health of your partner and new baby.

Pregnancy Perks for Dads

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: A Dads Role During and After Pregnancy

With all the hard but fulfilling work ahead, there are pregnancy perks for dads to look forward to as well.

  • The pregnancy glow and sex

Pregnancy will cause many changes in your partners’ body from hormones to blood circulation. This will make your partner have a pregnancy glow or bigger boobs, as well as an increased sex drive. Both you and your partner should take advantage of these changes.

Here are some tips to make sex better while pregnant. Encourage your partner to keep feeling sexy and beautiful, and encourage her to be proud of her changing figure.

Be open and vocal about sex so you can find the right sex positions that work for her body. Keep your date nights and let the hormones roll!

  • Fun with food cravings

Food cravings (including weird combinations) are a fun feature of pregnancy and can happen at strange hours. While fulfilling your partner’s food cravings at odd times, why not go ahead and join her in the food fun?

  • Baby names

Choosing baby names will be a fun way to bond with your partner and dream of the future together. You may be arguing playfully with each other but choosing the right name for your baby will be a fun undertaking before the big event.

Check with your doctor

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: A Dads Role During and After Pregnancy

A dad's role during pregnancy is to offer as much support as possible to the expectant mom. This includes consulting and seeking advice from your partner’s doctor if you feel that she’s not feeling right or something is wrong. This can be one of the roles you play to make sure she and your baby stay healthy, happy and strong.


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