How To Bring Your A-Game To Your Instagram Feed

How To Bring Your A-Game To Your Instagram Feed

Use these hacks to improve your Instagram game and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Have you looked at Instagram lately and noticed that some of your friends suddenly have a very put together feed? It's not just the near-perfect almost professional shots, but also the theme and those white frames! What's going on? Well, chances are it didn't happen overnight and there was some definite planning behind it. Lucky for you, it’s not rocket science. You too can try a few hacks to improve your Instagram game and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

From adopting new colour themes to organising your rows ahead of time, there are a few subtle changes that can up your chances of becoming a social media influencer.

The same holds true if you just want to increase your likes and following from friends. And if none of these float your boat, perhaps you can turn your Instagram feed into a vision board inspiring yourself and others in the process.

Awesome Hacks To Improve Your Instagram

So let’s take a look at nine hacks to improve your Instagram game.

1. Find a pattern

Have some fun with colours and patterns if you want to change the look of your feed. If you’re into pastels add some flamingos or overlapping tiles or rainbows, anything that reflects you personal style.


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You can also intersperse these patterns with your portrait pictures and separate the grid with pattern and images.

2. Pick a subject

Now that your desired colour patterns are zeroed in, you can pick your favourite subject and stick to it. Make sure that it abides by your selected theme.

Generally, people like to show what they may be good at on Instagram and that could be in any field. So keep your feed all about that one theme and one subject.


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If however, you have something that may not be close to your theme but you still want to share, take it to your Instagram stories. This way, your feed is not robotic and gets a personal touch.

3. Add some quotes

You may have already seen many people do this and rightly so. Using a quote on a light background adds a breather to an otherwise image-heavy feed. It also makes the feed look fresh and inspiring.  

You can use several applications or sites to get quotes for your feed. Apart from WordSwag you can also try Canva that has professionally designed templates.

4. Align images and quotes separately

You can use a set pattern to align quotes and images. For instance, you run through the centre of your feed and have them flanked by images on either side.


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Alternatively, you can add images to only one row and images to the other three rows. This will essentially put your entire feed together. However, it does require advance planning.

5. Stick to the rule of three

If you are in the process of cleaning your feed, we highly suggest you work on the rule of three. This means you attract the focus of the follower to the top three images on your first row.

Make sure that the top three images are in sync in terms of colour, content and look. They should be visually appealing to your follower. You can try the Playnoly app that allows you to place the images on a grid and rearrange them as you please so you get those top three images right.

6. Create dramatic scenes

Instagram is not just about trying to become an influencer, it’s also about sharing your life. An interesting way to do that on this platform is by creating a scene. You can divide the images into a two or three-part scene.

You can also share a series of short visually-appealing stories that show what you did and where you hung out.

7. Skip your full photos

Till about last year, influencers were using seven or more tiles of their grid to form one image. This was particularly popular with fashion and style influencers and even photographers.

But you can change it up and instead add smaller images that may not necessarily be full portraits. So close ups could be a part of this grid. It creates a mood board and that is always much better to scroll through than looking at just one image taking up the space of 10 rows!

8. Embrace those empty spaces

When there is a lot going on on your Instagram feed, sometimes it’s nice to just add a blank space.

It’s not only an easy way to add a breather whilst managing your page, it’s also a great way to infuse the colour of your theme.

9. Pick a filter

Now this might be your favourite part about Instagram and also one of the most difficult ones to work out too. You can try several filter applications such as VSCO  and Afterlight or use the filters available within Instagram.

Sticking to one type of filter allows you to personalise the images and make them appear as though they belong only on your grid.

If you favour pastels, you can add add that colour theme to your images. If you are more punk, you can darken them. If you like natural light, these filter apps help you make your images look unedited as well. You can even go monochrome if you so desire. The choice is entirely up to you.

Since most of us love using Instagram, it’s a good idea to revamp and freshen it up once in a while. And with these hacks to improve your Instagram game, we are sure you’ll be able to do it in no time.  

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Deepshikha Punj