These Are The Only No-Bullshit Ways That Minimise Skin Pores For Good!

These Are The Only No-Bullshit Ways That Minimise Skin Pores For Good!

There are a few ways in which you can minimise skin pores and effectively get rid of them; and lucky for you, we're sharing those secrets today!

No matter how hard we try to embrace our skin's natural texture, which is sometimes smooth, sometimes bumpy and other times just whatever-the-hell-it-wants-to-be; we can't get ourselves to accept our crater-sized pores! Because unlike zits that can still dry out, there aren't many ways to minimise skin pores.

You're stuck with them for good!

Because the fact is that no matter what natural or cosmetic treatment you try, you cannot completely get rid of pores because they are a structural part of your skin. Add to that constant clogging due to dirt and sebum, your pores will only get wider. 

You can minimise skin pores with these magical methods!

Luckily, there are a few ways in which you can minimise skin pores. They can even go back to their pre-stretched state with the right care. So we've compiled a list of no-bullshit tried and tested methods that actually work. 

1. Use acids on your face 

Calm down! We're not literally asking your to douse acid on your faces. We're talking about alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs). These should be the holy-grail products in your skincare routine if they aren't already because they minimise skin pores, reduce pigmentation and even blur lines. 

AHA is a chemical exfoliant that dissolves the upper dead skin layer, blurs acne scars and unclogs your pores, while BHA penetrates blocked pores. As a result, AHAs clean what's on your skin and BHAs reach oil glands and dissolve sebum and dead skin that cause spots on your face. 

You can use them individually, but using products that have both is even more beneficial for the double-pronged attack on open pores.

We recommend getting your hands on the cult-favourite Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant (S$43) for oily skin and Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 8% AHA (Glycolic Acid) Gel Exfoliator (S$43) for dry skin. 

2. Add retinoid to your skincare 

Ladies (and gents), we cannot reiterate enough that retinoid is freaking amazing! This vitamin A-based compound not only smoothens fine lines and brightens any dark spots, it also stops acne and works to minimise skin pores. 

Basically, retinoid can boost collagen production, thereby, decreasing oil production. And that results in tighter pores and fewer breakouts and blackheads.  

The trick to use retinol is to keep at it because it can be irritating to the skin at first. That's why we recommend that you begin with a gentle formula like the Avene Retrinal .1 Intensive Cream. You only need a pea-sized amount which you can top up with a moisturiser. 

If you have very dry and flaky skin, use retinol-based creams only once a week and increase the resistance of your skin. If you don't face any irritation you can even try it every alternate night. 

3. Say 'Yes' to sunscreen 

Your mother was right- you should wear sunscreen and then head out! Because not only does it protect you from possible skin cancer, it also helps to minimise skin pores. 

Unfortunately, a recent study by the Oregon State University, US, proved that four out of five millennials don't wear sunscreen when they head out, making themselves prone to cancer.

"Many millennials lack knowledge about the importance of sunscreen and continue to tan outdoors in part because of low self-esteem and high rates of narcissism that fuel addictive tanning behavior," the study says. 

Plus, the fact that sun breaks down your skin's collagen which can stretch your pores should be reason enough to wake up already! Ideally, you should buy creams that have a minimum of SPF 50 for complete sun protection. Anything less than that wouldn't cut it for your skin. We recommend the CeraVe Sunscreen Face Lotion (S$28.90). 

And finally, if you can, you can also try laser genesis, which zaps the pores and helps your deep craters resurface. Thereby, effectively minimising them. When all else fails, reach out for your trusty foundations and dab them onto your skin as you apply. 

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Written by

Deepshikha Punj