Gray's Miss Universe Earrings Have Started A Major Trend!

Gray's Miss Universe Earrings Have Started A Major Trend!Gray's Miss Universe Earrings Have Started A Major Trend!

Inspired by the Philippine flag, the 'Three Stars and the Sun Earcuffs' have now been dubbed as Miss Universe earrings

Long before she was crowned Miss Universe 2018, Catriona Gray made headlines at the Binibining Pilipinas 2018 pageant, as the girl who wore patriotic ear cuffs. Inspired by the Philippine flag—the 'Three Stars and the Sun Earcuff,' became a symbol of her strength and confidence. And, post her recent win, have now been dubbed as Miss Universe earrings. 

In fact, they have become so popular that everybody wants a piece of these gorgeous ear cuffs for themselves. But how did the design come about? Where did it all start? 

The Now Famous 'Miss Universe Earrings' Were Designed By Gray

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Gray wanted to add an element of her patriotism and a part of the rich Philippine culture to be included in all her outfits and these ear cuffs made the perfect addition.

Incidentally, she helped conceptualise and design these patriotic ear cuffs with Tessera Jewelry.  

The creative beauty queen drew a sketch of the design she wanted Tessera Jewelry to work on, which they shared in an Instagram post writing: "It all started with this sketch, by our Miss Universe Philippines 2018..."

The cuff takes cues from the flag and incorporates the sun and star designs.

Also called "Alab at Dangal" this specific piece that Gray wore at the Miss Universe pageant was made of 18k gold. The rays were studded with diamonds and rubies.

It also had two stars and another one dangling off the cuff of her right ear. The star at the earlobes was adorned with golden pearl studs with the same details as the other two stars.

But this wasn't the only piece that made headlines. The beauty with brains also wore another patriotic piece- the Pearl of the Orient earrings that garnered quite a few eyeballs.

Another Piece Gets Dubbed Miss Universe Earrings

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The 24-year-old Filipino-Australian beauty designed a second set of patriotic earrings and wore them during the preliminary rounds.

These earrings included a sun with three golden pearls as well as dangling precious stones, and is aptly called "Perlas ng Silangan or Pearl of the Orient."

While both these designs quickly came to be known as Miss Universe earrings. But it was really the 'Three Stars and the Sun Earcuff' that broke the Internet, as Catriona Gray fans flaunted their versions of the same on social media. 

Gray Fans Flaunt Their Versions Of The Miss Universe Earrings 

Catriona fans across the Philippines adorned themselves in the Three Stars and The Sun designs and shared their pictures on Instagram. The fever was real, people! Take a look for yourself. 

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Even her male fans couldn't resist themselves from posting their pictures with their three stars and the sun earrings. 

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While Gray fans continue to flood social media with these images and jewellers across the globe get requests for this design, its clear that she has made these a viral sensation. She's not only done her country proud, but also managed to tap local talent and brought their great work to an international platform. 

Not to forget, she also started a social media frenzy. And honestly, as fans, we're living for it!

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