Keep Your Passion Burning Beyond Valentine’s Day

Keep Your Passion Burning Beyond Valentine’s DayKeep Your Passion Burning Beyond Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day may be over, but you and your partner are still a thing. Keep the passion alive beyond this month of love and throughout the whole year.

Now that Valentine’s day is over and done with, don’t let the fire of love fizzle out. Keep the fire burning by keeping things exciting – both out in the world and within the four corners of your bed.

Intimacy is all about closeness; it’s all about you, your partner, and your little shared secrets.

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1. Be More Adventurous IRL

So on Valentine’s Day, you posted your message to your main squeeze on IG. You meticulously chose the perfect emojis, and you even created a hashtag for all your date photos. You went all out on the flowers, the rose petals on the bed… good job. But if you think your job is done, you might want to think again.

More than the perfect declaration of love on Valentine’s Day, what really counts is what you do when you’re together for the rest of the year. While going big is great for V-Day, you’ll have to work harder and be more creative on regular days.

Sometimes a small unexpected gesture is what gets those butterflies fluttering. A surprise kiss on the cheek out of the blue is enough to make you or your partner blush, or a sneaky caress while you’re still out in public is the pinnacle of desire. Dare to be adventurous.

You can bring something new to the bedroom, or try something you’ve always talked about but never really had time for. Put on a sexy costume, ease into new positions, and even introduce some toys. You can make being adventurous a regular thing in the boudoir.

2. Make Romantic Surprises Unique

You are either the kind of lover who doesn’t usually do romantic surprises, or the one who does it as naturally as breathing. Either way, whatever post-Valentine’s Day surprise you have in mind should be unique.

If you declared your love all over social media last year, you might want to try something new this year. In other words, don’t settle for the kind of romantic surprises your partner is used to.

3. A Little Planning Goes A Long Way

Sure, meticulous planning isn’t romantic. But just as you obsessively planned your Valentine’s Day tryst, you can do the same for the rest of your dates throughout the year. Some thoughtful planning can actually ensure that any romantic night goes well.

Planning also lets your partner know how invested you are in them and the time that you spend together. There’s very little chance that your partner won’t be flattered or touched when they find out you had a lovely evening planned out for them.

4. Buy Ahead

Imagine getting down to business with your partner, only to find out you didn’t come prepared. The mood can wilt as soon as it was just getting interesting.

Much like how you shouldn’t buy Christmas presents right on the day before Christmas itself, buying ahead saves you from headaches later on. When you buy ahead you’re more relaxed, have more time to think about your options, and you’re more likely to make more thoughtful choices.

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You can keep it on the down-low as well. Durex keeps your business private, and makes sure deliveries are as discreet as possible. All packages are delivered with no mention of the brand, or that it contains condoms (and other items for playtime).

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