Boy Beat Brow Is The Latest Obsession Of The Woke Beauty Community

Boy Beat Brow Is The Latest Obsession Of The Woke Beauty Community

While you were busy taming your stray hair, women with bushy brows were setting the boy beat trend right. Are you in on it yet?

Say goodbye to perfectly arched and clean eyebrows because the boy beat brow is here to stay. Women with bushy eyebrows are changing the so-called beauty standards and the way we've so far groomed our brows.

They are unabashedly and proudly ushering in the era of the unkempt and overgrown brow. And we are living for it.   

Women With Busy Eyebrows Are Making It The Newest Trend 

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that the boy beat trend—accentuating features that are considered flaws—has literally taken over the beauty community. From influencers to models and even actors, everybody is flaunting this look. 

Its one that you can achieve with minimal makeup, using just your hands instead of tools and lend yourself a carefree 'boyish' charm. Now don't go about waving the feminist flag here—it's simply the name of a look that let's you be who you are without going for the "perfect" Instagram glo up. (Of course, if you love that glam go for it.)

So while you're still here trying to tweeze that last bit of stray brow hair, some incredibly gorgeous women with bushy eyebrows are paving the way for the boy beat. Want to know how to do it right? Scroll down to get your boy beat inspiration.   

Women With Bushy Eyebrows Are Setting The Boy Beat Trend 

1. Janella Salvador


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The 20-year-old Filipino actor and singer has over 3.8 mil followers of Instagram and she has been using her social media influence to set the record straight.

The gorgeous beauty recently shared a post with her bushy eyebrows in full boy beat mode and wrote, "Dear people who repeatedly tell me to “clean” my brows, I am going to keep this short and simple: No. Sincerely, me (sic)." 

If you have bushy brows like Salvador, the easier way to tame them without having to pluck them is by adding a clear brow gel. We recommend the Benefit's Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel (S$42). 

2. Elfira Loy 

The 24-year-old Nurul Elfira Loy Binti Ahmad Sabri aka Elfira Loy boasts of a 3.9 mil strong Instagram following. She is known for her immaculate makeup accompanied by boy beat eyebrows. She clearly loves to keep her unibrow natural and thick. 

So if you're a unibrow girl contemplating grazing the grounds clean, think again. Because your natural "flaw" is now a trend. So enjoy that boy beat unibrow and to fill up those sparse spaces, we recommend the 3CE Longwear Tattoo Eyebrow Marker (S$20). 

3. Kiana Treatser 


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Up and coming Singapore-based model Kiana Treaster may not have a huge Instagram following, but her beauty can certainly give many famous faces a run for their money.

One to prefer the natural boy beat, Treaster's Instagram is filled with images of her bushy brows and she's certainly giving us major brow inspiration. She clearly loves to fill her brows and if you have bushy brows with very light hair, we recommend you do the same too with the Brow:Sword Refill from Shu Uemura (S$28). 

4. Margaret Zhang 

Fashion influencer Margaret Zhang knows how to nail the boy beat look down to a tee. She keeps her brows untamed and lets them sit as they like, no fuss, no stress, just natural brows. 

Of course, she brushes and fills them in for her shoots. So if you have similar light brows but prefer them to be more bushy, we recommend the Brow Magic Brow Boost from Eyeko (S$22.50).

5. Amata Chittasenee


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With 1.5 mil Instagram followers, Amata Chittasenee is the social media darling of Thailand. Her makeup is always on fleek and her boy beat eyebrows are everything.

The self-taught makeup artist is a regular at London Fashion Week and rightfully so. Take your boy beat inspiration from this gorgeous gal and tame your light brows with NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Cake Powder (S$15) for a non-greasy and crisp brow look. 

The boy beat brow is not just a fashion trend, but a revolution. It shows that the beauty community is slowly moving towards become more woke and are more accepting of people in their most natural self. Whether it is a freckled look a'la Meghan Markle, the loving the yams or rocking the boy beat brows. Everything is acceptable, as long as you love yourself.    

We hope that you also take your boy beat inspiration from these ladies, just as we are. And, if you do try any of these looks, tag us in your Instagram posts and win a chance to be featured on our page

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Deepshikha Punj