How Xavier Quimbo Is Reaching New Heights With Speedplay

How Xavier Quimbo Is Reaching New Heights With SpeedplayHow Xavier Quimbo Is Reaching New Heights With Speedplay

“I’ve been developing it my whole life,” says fitness expert Xavier Quimbo about Speedplay, a high intensity, interval training programme that has made him an international star

Practically since the day he was born, Xavier Quimbo (Xavier) has been in love with fitness. As a child, he was enrolled in martial arts, which he remembers as his first exposure to fitness. 

Quimbo's love for movement and activity continued to grow and he enrolled himself in basketball and track. As soon as he reached college, he was already training as body builder and a power lifter. All of this set him up for his profession as an instructor and Hollywood stuntman.

He loved his job in the movies because of sheer excitement and variety of stunts and physical challenges offered by the job.

How Quimbo Made Speedplay The Most Coveted Fitness Programme

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Fast forward to 2019, and Quimbo is now the creator of Speedplay program, a high intensity, interval training, featuring running, rowing, and floor sets. This gives you a good mix of cardiovascular, core, and resistance benefits.

“Speedplay is first and foremost, heart training. So it’s strengthening your most valuable asset in your entire body, which is your heart. You get this nice cycle of getting your heart rate up, getting the mobility, and then getting some core work,” he tells HerStyleAsia

Quimbo says he had a deadline in mind for Speedplay, but he had been developing this programme for the long time. “I’ve been developing it my whole life,” he says, to put things into perspective. 

What Is Speedplay? Quimbo Breaks It Down 

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“Speedplay is an extension of myself at this point,” he continues.

“Not the full extension but it really started when I was a child. Everything I learned from martial arts, into traditional training, into sports that I became accustomed to, or did during high school and college, into my stunt industry. So all of those pieces,” says Quimbo.

“I challenge everybody to try it. It's intimidating going into the studio and it's intimidating going into something that you don't know, but that's exactly why you need to do it. On the other side of that is how we create a change,” he adds.

As sort of prerequisite, Quimbo says that you should be able to walk…run on the treadmill for about 9 minutes” or stick with a set for nine minutes. This is because 4 by 9 is the magic number of Speedplay, four different sections, nine minutes each.

Strong Is The New Beautiful: Quimbo

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“Our focus is to be long and lean and women tend to like being long and lean. It empowers them in a way because it starts to introduce different movements, and also strength training as well, that gives them the strength and power behind it. ‘Cause now, women aren’t afraid of lifting heavier weights, which is great to see.” he explains.

“Strong is the new beautiful,” he adds. “Lifting weights doesn’t mean that you’re gonna get bulky. It’s going to get you strong and you’re gonna get that foundation. From there, you can take into anything or try any type of style,” he says.

His advice to maintain heath and fitness in your life is to truly make it your lifestyle.

"When you get home, the environment’s set for a change, a fit lifestyle, you don’t come home to something destructive. You don’t come home to the wrong foods and things like that. An even bigger thing is that you hang around other people that are into the same goals, so you don’t run into the risk of slipping off. Looking at social media and following people that are on point all the time will also get you motivated," says the expert. 

So how would he convince a woman to try Speedplay for the first time?

“You can always come into our studio and take it at your own pace. Come in into the studio, test out the equipment, take some time outside of the classes and get used to the environment…and the eventually try a class.”

“We’ve done the science. This kind of style will get you lean if that’s your choice. All you have to do is take that first step,” he explains. 

Right now, Xavier is exploring getting Speedplay in the Philippine shores, so hopefully, we will see it soon!

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